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Peddler's Village Bottle List

Barrel Aged Biere'ded Phantom

Barrel Aged Mixed Culture Farmhouse Lager | 9.2%

Brewed in collaboration with our friend Chris previously of Phantom Carriage Brewery many moons ago, this mixed culture farmhouse lager was made with honey and a traditional long boil, then aged in well used bourbon barrels for 10 months before being bottle conditioned with additional honey. Notes of cherry, orange marmalade, and spice. 

Barrel Aged Flowers: Chamomile

Barrel Aged Saison w/ Chamomile | 5.7%

This mixed culture saison was foudre fermented and finished in a single wine barrel with handpicked chamomile flowers from Barefoot Botanicals (Doylestown, PA). Soothing notes of floral spice, fresh apple, sweet berries, cinnamon bark, and vanilla flower.

Barrel Aged Flowers: Dandelion

Barrel Aged Saison w/ Dandelion | 5.7%

This mixed culture saison was foudre fermented and finished in a single wine barrel with handpicked dandelion flowers from the grounds surrounding the brewery. Fresh, soft floral notes, with pleasant leafy, green bitterness, sun warmed earth, and dandelion milk sap.

Barrel Aged Flowers: Honeysuckle

Barrel Aged Saison w/ Honeysuckle | 5.7%

This mixed culture saison was foudre fermented and finished in a single wine barrel with hand-picked Japanese honeysuckle flowers from a local estate. Nostalgic fragrance of summers past blend with notes of dewy rose petals, crisp cucumber, and soft jasmine.

Barrel Aged Flowers: Lilac

Barrel Aged Saison w/ Lilac | 5.7%

This mixed culture saison was foudre fermented and finished in a single wine barrel with freshly picked lilac flowers from Perkasie. A soft freshness of emerging spring melds with notes of primrose, lily, vetiver, and clover honey.

Barrel Aged Saison de Rose

Barrel Aged Saison w/ Hibiscus, Grapefruit, Lemons, Ginger, and Peppercorns | 6.9%

Barrel aged Farmhouse Ale with hibiscus, grapefruit, lemons, ginger, and peppercorns. This beer strikes a balance between delicate fruit, flowers, and a lively determined spiciness.

Barrel Aged Some Kind of Potion

Barrel Aged Saison with Lavender | 5.5%

Collaboration saison with The Seed: A Living Beer Project. This barrel aged saison was brewed with an array of Bucks County ingredients including Bloody Butcher corn from Castle Valley Mill, locally grown lavender from Peace Valley Lavender Farm, and wildflower honey from a local apiary. Zesty and floral with notes of tart lemon, blueberry, and pie crust, with a dry, citrusy finish.

Black Currant Ella

Belgian Quad Aged in Apple Brandy Barrels w/ Black Currants | 13.7%

Belgian Quad Aged in Apple Brandy Barrels with Black Currants. This version showcases rich dark fruit and jammy berry notes.

Carmen Bieranda

Barrel Aged Saison w/ Kiwi, Apricot, and Cherry | 5.7%

Collaboration saison with Rowley Farmhouse Ales (congrats on those medals) and our local pals Kelly Green Brewing Co.. This saison was foudre fermented and aged in tequila barrels with kiwi, apricot, and cherry. Layers of flavor with notes of orchard stonefruit, cherry preserves, and ripe, tangy kiwi - finishing with a tropical, tart freshness.

Clifford the Big Red Quad

Barrel Aged Farmhouse Quad w/ Cherries | 12.5%

A collaboration with our friends at Blue Dog Tavern, this Farmhouse Quad was aged in Marsala wine puncheons with Amarena cherries and Brett for 11 months, then bottle conditioned for an additional 11 months. Notes of cherry skins, leather, caramel, pipe tobacco, and prunes.

Eclectic Chair

Dry Hopped Saison | 5.9%

This saison was fermented with our house saison yeast, dry hopped solely with Huell Melon, then bottle conditioned with a mixed culture. A true beer to kick back with, filled with refreshing notes of floral honeysuckle, melon, strawberry, and hay, with a restrained acidity. 

Erma Xtra

Foudre Fermented Farmhouse Ale | 8.4%

Foudre fermented farmhouse ale brewed in collaboration with our friends from all over Forest & Main Brewing Company, Right Proper Brewing Company, Sapwood Cellars Brewery, and Brotherton Brewing Company. We gave this beer a three hour boil before fermenting it in one of our large oak foudres, allowing it to sit for 5 months before packaging. Bottle conditioned for a year and a half now, this beer has aged to perfection with notes of honey, dried stonefruit, orange marmalade, soft caramel, and delicate oak, with a tart and funky finish.

Fenberry Sauce

Barrel Aged Sour Ale w/ Cranberries | 5.9%

Named after the traditional English word for cranberry, this barrel aged sour ale was carefully blended to showcase the crisp tartness that accompanies the bog-grown fruit.  Pouring a beautiful rich pink hue with notes of cranberry skin and earthy tannins.

Honey Gone Wild

Barrel Aged Dry Hopped Wild Ale w/ Honey & Cherries | 7.9%

Brewed in collaboration with our friends at Haymaker Meadery, this wild ale was brewed with honey, aged in rum barrels with cherries, and later dry hopped with Amarillo. This beer is filled with notes of apricot, plum, cherry, and black currant.

Kriek Nouveau

Barrel Aged Sour Ale w/ Cherries | 6.9%

Foudre and barrel aged sour ale with cherries, blended from up to 3-year-old vintages. Vibrantly red hued, filled with abundant fruit notes, and a complexity from long-term aging. This is our take on a classic Belgian Kriek.


Barrel Aged Sour Ale | 5.3%

Foudre and barrel aged sour ale blended from up to 3 year old vintages. This mature and effervescent beer has notes of white grape and vanilla with a firm tartness through the finish. Smooth, with a restrained sharpness, and layers of complexity.

Pawpaw Saison

Barrel Aged Saison w/ Pawpaw | 5.7%

Saison fermented in a foudre with our house saison yeast and Brettanomyces, then aged in barrels with locally gathered wild pawpaws (the only fruit native to PA). Notes of white grape, pineapple, plantain, and a woody, earthy, refreshing funk.

Winter Bier

Barrel Aged Belgian Dark Ale w/ Ginger, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, & Cardamom | 11%

A blend of apple brandy barrel aged Belgian Quad with freshly brewed Belgian Dubbel, delicately spiced with ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cardamom. This medley of winter spices combines with classic Belgian yeast character to please the palate and warm the soul. 

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