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Perkasie - COCKTAILS


Aperitif Spritz
philadelphia distilling Red aperitif, white wine, club soda

espresso martini
Stateside vodka, maggie's farm coffee liqueur, cold brew coffee, demerara syrup, chocolate bitters

Gin and Tonic
Bluecoat gin, tonic water, fresh-pressed lemon or lime juice

kinsey rye whiskey, fell to earth sweet vermouth, angostura bitters

boardroom spirits highlands tequila, new liberty triple sec, fresh-pressed lime juice, demerara syrup

bluecoat gin, philadelphia distilling red aperitif,
fell to earth sweet vermouth


Old Fashioned
big springs whiskey, demerara syrup, angostura bitters

vodka soda
stateside vodka, club soda, fresh pressed lemon or lime juice

wine spritzer
strawberry lime or peach lemon


Chai Tai
Maggie's Farm Dark Rum, New Liberty Triple Sec, Chai Tea, Orgeat, Fresh-Pressed Lime Juice, Angostura Bitters

Set Adrift
Maggie's Farm Dark Rum, Maggie's Farm Falernum, Ginger Soda, Fresh-Pressed Lime Juice, Angostura Bitters

Telegraph road
maggie's farm dark rum, maggie's farm spiced rum, maggie's farm falernum, demerara syrup, spice bush dram, fresh pressed lime juice & Orange juice

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